About Marutama Ra-Men


Marutama Ra-Men, Ryogoku, Japan

Story of Founding Marutama Ra-men

Founder Tetsuya Kudo first established MARUTAMA RA-MEN back in April 1st 2001 in Kawaguchi, Japan. It was the last day before his 40 years birthday. His dream was to create the ra-men that people from all over the world could enjoy.

Chicken is one of the universal foods that you can find in almost every culture. This is how he was inspired to create MARUTAMA RA-MEN’s signature creamy chicken broth (toripai tan). Since then, many people from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, and Australia loves MARUTAMA RA-MEN and we wish to continue to spread MARUTAMA RA-MEN to more and more people from different background and cultures.

In May 2013, MARUTAMA RA-MEN finally made it’s way to VANCOUVER, CANADA for the very first time. Since then, in Vancouver people can get to try their very first creamy chicken broth (taripai tan) experience.

Ra-men specialties

MARUTAMA RA-MEN’s Creamy Chicken broth (toripai tan) is made with  NO IMITATION FLAVORS.

Best quality of this soup is from its 100% pure chicken broth prepared with a detailed cooking process, which every MARUTAMA RA-MEN stores prepares daily from every early morning. Many ladies favor the Creamy Chicken broth due to its lighter tastes and higher contents of collagen.

Like food we want to serve to all our children, we also our Marutama Original  thinned and wavy noodles that suit perfectly with the creamy broth. It is especially popular among kids because kids are used to only eat natural ingredient foods. Our Marutama Original noodles are prepared daily with no preservatives that are healthy and fresh for anyone to enjoy.

MARUTAMA RA-MEN it’s creamy, aromatic and mouth-watering flavor that has a hint of seaweed flavor comes from the AOSA, which is exported directly from Japan. AOSA is sea lettuce that is packed with protein, fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals. It’s elegant flavor suits perfectly with MARUTAMA RA-MEN’s dedicated creamy chicken broth. Many customers enjoy our homemade beautifully boiled and marinated AJITAMA (soft boiled egg). Ajitama brings a savory taste to our ra-men. It’s freshly prepared and marinated every day onsite and with its creamy golden yolk makes it even more irresistible. MARUTAMA RA-MEN’s CHA-SHU is delicately braised by many hours and marinated with our special soy base. It’s very tender, juicy and packed with flavorful pork and soy umami. Above all, we want to deliver, just like our customers, MARUTAMA RA-MEN truly cares for the quality and authenticity flavor that everyone can safely enjoy.